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Repoductive Services!


  • Ultra Sound

  • Semen Collection

  • Artificial Insemination's

  • Transervical Insemination's

  • Progesterone 

Stud service

We offer stud service

  • ​Collection

  • Shipping


All our stud are health test with basic 4 panel and color dna. We are now OFA all our results.. Please send pictures and health testing of your female with email. 

thank you!


Our Studs!

AKC/FCI Champion pedigree

Dexter sweetest boy around with amazing temperament, superb structer, Health.. 

Boys 15lb w/ 7 in back! Small and compact!

He will breeding standard structure and great pedigree to every breeding. Plus side, he has a touch of color. This boy can produce New Shade Isabella, Platinum, Lilac, Blue's, tri's, and with right girl!

9+ Billion Semen count!

95% Mobility with active swimmers

Color Panel:  Ayat,Bb,Dd,Coco,Eme,in

Health Panel:   DM n/n

                             HUU n/n

                             CMR1 n/n

                             JHC n/n

                            C3 pending!

                            OFA cert pending

Stud fee : $1500 for first 4 lock ins!  

$500 lock-in and remainder at time of breeding or prior to shipping! Shipping fee is id determined by location and how quick you need it! 

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