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Our family!

Our Breeding Program



We vigorously research every future female or male we add to our family. From pedigree to health, temperament and structure.  Test For health, color then fine best pairing to produce our future program leaders. If we could keep all our pups, we would but truth is we cant and out of each litter we strive to fined the best to represent our future breeding goals. To continue offering you our future puppy owners the best , Brightest and healthiest we can. These our are main goals, Color or coat length is last thing we think about in producing future pups for our program and your homes! 


 We are not like most breeders, there is no way to establishes structure, temperament or personality until 4 weeks of age. So we take our time to watch as they grow and develop. Getting to know each pup from birth till they leave.  Pairing perfect matches for each homes special needs is why we are here. If its a future program star or just a family pet. Famila Bullies is here for you!

What you get when you decide to purchase a puppy from Famila Bullies!

All of our Pups come with a certificate of health and Breeder support for life.

  • Contract

  • UTD on shots

  • Wellness vet visit

  • Microchipped

  • Puppy Package

  • Puppy socializing and temperament testing!

  • Beginning Potty training & crate trained

  • Community page were all puppy Buyers join to share experiences and help with those puppy years. lol

Frenchie's, English Bulldogs and Bull terriers

At famila Bullies we carry some of the most well bred and structurally sound dogs! Love & Health being our #1 priority!

our dogs our are family! We pride our self on our boys and girls! Only best fit families will get to own one of our amazing pups! 

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