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Genisis Ramirez 

Brindle and white!

Health Cleared threw parentage!

Great structure and temperament! 

   Fiona La Carona Ramirez
             of famila bullies

Fiona a tiny compact sweet heart! little stuborn best best inside dog ever! Loves cowboys, cuddling, naps! super socized girl love all puppies and kitties! 
4 Panel clear
Girl carries tan point, blue, pied, cream and merle!

Morgana mother of darkness

     CH Haacks Bullies king of the ring


                     UKR milky way

             Allie Jean apple martini 


                Black and tan Standard female!

40lb Great temperament very well socialized! amazing            mother and companion! 

Marceline Of Famila bullies


Spot on temperament and standard structure! Very social and loving girl! weight @ 22lb flat face open nares and correct bite! she has produced some amazing pups when paired to correct male!

She 4 panel clear!

carries merle,pied,blue,tan point and brindle! she know to produce sopt on structure and bite in pups!

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