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SINCE 2012


Famila Bullies


Reproductive services and more! 


Central California & Texas based!

AKC Register!

We are now offering reproductive services!

  • Ultra Sounds!

  • Semen Collection!

  • Artificial inseminations!

  • Progesterone testing!

  • Transervical Incrimination!

Here at Famila Bullies we offer healthy, correct structured Bullies. With touch of exotic color!


We Breed French Bulldogs, Standard Bull terriers and English bulldogs!


We pride our self's on breeding Healthy, well structure CH pedigreed bullies! Color is just a plus!

We pre plan out all our breeding making sure to take in account all attributes each adult dog offers to our program. Making sure we are breeding to our main goal! Health and structure! From clean bill of health , to open nares and mobility. That's just the beginning!

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Current/Coming Soon!

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Our past clients!

Jess Lynch 


Loving our two newest additions to our family, Zonnis & Lexi. We have had them for about a week now, and they are a handful but so loving & sweet at the same time. We are incredibly grateful that Famila bullies was able to provide us with these two little monsters!

Julie j. Hofrey


We are so in love with our new baby. this girl has stolen our families heart. Great personality and healthy as can be. We appreciate how voodoo famila bullies had taken the time to answer all are question and more then proven they know this bred and really care about the breed.  Thank you so much Voodoo famila bullies!


Lisa Mira

Love the new baby thank you Famila Bullies !! She is loving the fall here in Chicago!

Gary. H

Kola is finally starting to grow up! not jumping on me anymore and knows sit, stay and come. Doesn't mean he does it all the time but he still has some more maturing to do. if anyone is ever interested in adding a puppy their family they would remiss to not contact you! You not only go out of your way to provide healthy intelligent animals but you go above and beyond to make sure dog and new family are happy together. You truly care about what you are doing and it shows! Thank you again for all you've done for kola and I! 

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